Hi Cover Emulsion

Product Ingredients:

Kiboko Hi Cover Emulsion Paint is based on Acrylic Copolymer, high quality pigments, extenders and special additives.

Product Use:

Kiboko Hi Cover Emulsion is recommended for use on Concrete, Plaster, Cement, Brickwork and Stucco Surfaces. It Offers Durability and Toughness.

Pack Size:

4 Litre , 20 Litre

Color Range:

As per the shade-card of Kiboko Paint Ltd and special shade on request.

Product Specification:

Surface Dry: 15 To 20 Minutes
Hard Dry: 3 To 4 Hours
Recoating: After 4 Hours
Finish: matt
Spreading Capacity: 10 To 12 square meter per Litre
Surface Preparation: Allow new cement/plaster surface to dry sufficiently to escape moisture before an application of Paint to avoid patches or film failure from the surface.

On the dry surface, remove any loose/flaking material and then apply Hi Cover Emulsion Paint.

If surface shows damp characteristics, use alkali resisting primer, and then apply Hi Cover Emulsion Paint.

Thinning: Thin Kiboko Hi Cover Emulsion Paint with 10 to 20% water depending on porosity of surface.
Application Tool: Brush or Roller
Cleaning Of Application Tool: Use Water
Precaution: The Content should be stirred well before use.

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